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2010 Genetics Term Test 2.docx

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Western University
Biology 2581B

2581 term test 2SURNAMEINITIALS Please PrintBiology 2581bMIDTERMTEST2Mar 13 20105pm8pm Version 44435 of Final Mark3 hoursINSTRUCTIONSThis Test paper is composed of 50 equally weighted questions covering 22 sides excl cover Please ensure that it is completeAlthough there are no deliberate tricks on this paper there is ample opportunity to make careless oversights READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLYAnswerswillbesubjecttocomputerizedmatchinganalysistodetectcheatingSince it is impossible to provide equal access to instructors during the Test proctors will NOT answer questions of interpretation All answers must be recorded on the Scantron sheets within the 3 hour time limit1 Fill in your NAME at the top of the scantron sheet and the exam paper2STUDENT NUMBER Print the digits of your student number in the squares providedMark the corresponding bubble in the column below each printed digit3 SECTION AND ANSWER SHEETLeave these areas blank4 In the EXAM CODE section enter 4444Mark one choice from the alternatives provided for each question5 Wrong answers will not cancel correct answers Part marks may be available6 Submit your test paper and the Scantron sheet SEPARATELY 12581 term test 21There are many loci in humans that when mutant result in dominantly inherited polydactylismPolydactylism is the presence of six fingers and six toesIn some inherited polydactylism like PLY2 polydactylism is also associated with an inherited obstruction of the bowelThis obstruction of the bowel requires repair and can result in a life long discomfortYou have a female patient who is heterozygous for a mutant PLY2and has sufferedallele from a life long discomfortHer husband is homozygous for the wildtype PLY2 alleleThe patient would like to have a child who will not exhibit polydactylismYou extract eggs from the mother and fertilize them with the husbands sperm in vitroAt the 610 cell stage you remove a cell from 6 developing embryosYou use allele specific oligonucleotide hybridization to detect the present of the wild type and mutant PLY2 allelesThe results are presented belowASOEmbryo 1Embryo 2Embryo 3Embryo 4Embryo 5Embryo 6wild type PLY2mutant PLY2Which embryos will be implanted back into the mother to avoid having a child with polydactylismA1 2 and 4B3 4 and 5C 1 4 and 5D4 5 and 6E 2 3 and 62You have determined the repeat length of a microsatellite in 5 individuals shown in the table belowAll individuals are heterozygous at the microsatellite locus resulting in microsatellites of two distinct repeat lengthsIndividualNumber of microsatellite repeats113 16216 18313 18411 16511 13Based on the results of these five individuals what is the minimum number of genotypes at this microsatellite locus in the whole human populationA 2B4C6D8E102
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