Biology 2581B Final: final review

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Map shows collinearity: arrangement of one sequence in the same linear order as another (i. e. syntenic segments) Lack of diversity if there is a lack of diversity in making antibodies, can lead to a shift in the formation of. T and b cell clones often observed in lymphomas (cancers) Deletions loss of sequences small deletions affect a single gene large deletions leads to loss of tens or hundreds of genes can be caused by x-ray or other chromosome damaging agents that break the dna backbone. Most homozygous deletions are lethal even most heterozygous deletions are lethal exceptions in humans: wolf-hirschhorn syndrome. Deletion from the short arm of chromosome 4: cri-du chat syndrome. Deletion from the short arm of chromosome 5: these typically lead to severe phenotypes (rather than death) humans cannot survive if more than 3% of the genome is deleted.

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