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Biology 3446B Study Guide - Final Guide: Sandhill Crane, Meadow Vole, Brown Rat

Course Code
BIOL 3446B
Scott Petrie
Study Guide

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Three types of Pests:
- agricultural
- urban
- other
- starlings and black birds
othey consume and damage corn and grain products
oalso contaminate large quantities of food because they’re
in large numbers/masses
- crows:
opredator of other young birds/nestling, cause crop damage
like corn
- robins:
opest on fruit crop
- Ducks and geese:
oCrop damage, compacting soil (seedlings damaged)
oCrop products: grains, soy beans, tomatoes
- Sandhill crane:
oDamage crops, trample crops because they move in large
- Golden Eagle:
oKill lambs
- Ground Squirrel
oConsume seeds and grains (seeds from any agricultural
oPrey on eggs and young of ground nesting birds
- Cottontail and Jack Rabbit:
oDamage agricultural crops, gardens and rehabilitated
range land
oStrip bark from fruit trees
- Norway Rat
oConsume grain, eat basially anything (small birds, veggies,
oChew electrical wire
oTransmit disease
oBurrow (cause flooding and erosion)
- Deer:
oBrowsing (includes woody shoots and saplings)
oCompete with livestock for food
oCrop damage
oDeer/car collisions
- Meadow vole and mice:
oDamage forests and crops
- Coyote:
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