Biology 3446B Study Guide - Final Guide: Sandhill Crane, Meadow Vole, Brown Rat

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Agricultural: starlings and black birds crows: robins: like corn: they consume and damage corn and grain products, also contaminate large quantities of food because they"re in large numbers/masses, predator of other young birds/nestling, cause crop damage. Ducks and geese: pest on fruit crop, crop damage, compacting soil (seedlings damaged, crop products: grains, soy beans, tomatoes, damage crops, trample crops because they move in large. Cottontail and jack rabbit: kill lambs. Meadow vole and mice: damage forests and crops. Coyote: large population, livestock losses, damage crops fruit, nuts, berries. Beaver: damage crops, man made structures, tend to like to chew on canoe paddles and wooded. 3 parts to each question: order, fam, dental formula (as example) 5 min at end to review then quick slide run through. Id: common name for all species, id by mounts, pics, slides, skins/furs, skulls (artiodactyla"s to species) Food habits: know for each species, herbivourous, omnivorous, carnivorous, piscivorous, know range maps for each species.

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