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All Pests Info for Final Lab Exam

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Biology 3446B
Scott Petrie

Three types of Pests: - agricultural - urban - other Agricultural: - starlings and black birds o they consume and damage corn and grain products o also contaminate large quantities of food because they’re in large numbers/masses - crows: o predator of other young birds/nestling, cause crop damage like corn - robins: o pest on fruit crop - Ducks and geese: o Crop damage, compacting soil (seedlings damaged) o Crop products: grains, soy beans, tomatoes - Sandhill crane: o Damage crops, trample crops because they move in large flocks - Golden Eagle: o Kill lambs - Ground Squirrel o Consume seeds and grains (seeds from any agricultural crop) o Prey on eggs and young of ground nesting birds - Cottontail and Jack Rabbit: o Damage agricultural crops, gardens and rehabilitated range land o Strip bark from fruit trees - Norway Rat o Consume grain, eat basially anything (small birds, veggies, fruit) o Chew electrical wire o Transmit disease o Burrow (cause flooding and erosion) - Deer: o Browsing (includes woody shoots and saplings) o Compete with livestock for food o Crop damage o Deer/car collisions - Meadow vole and mice: o Damage forests and crops - Coyote: o Large population o Livestock losses o Damage crops – fruit, nuts, berries Urban pests: - starling: o defecate on buildings o hazardous around airports o compete with native birds for food o spreads desease o see in flocks of thousands - rock dove: o same as starling - house sparrow: o roost in man made structures causing plugs and drainage problems o cause introduction of northern foul mite (parasite) - bats: o roost in man made structures o cause airplane damage o carry rabies - rats and mice: o transmit disease o damage wiring o burrowing creates weakening of foundations of buildings - raccoon and skunk o raid garbage o damage growing corn o carry rabies o can sometimes reside in man
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