Biology 3466B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism, Allele Frequency, Dna Replication

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Frequencies allele evolution (some alleles are monomorphic, only have one allele in the whole population), the genes of interest are those that are polymorphic. For there to be differences in frequencies there has to be more than one allele. The reason for different species is due to mutation. Fitness is the relationship between the genotype and environment. Common descent (the notion that we are related to monkeys) Modification at molecular level (mutation), modification at higher level (splits into two, gradually changes over time) Natural selection is the process by which natural selection chooses the experiments that work and those that do not. Focus on the merger between genetics and evolution. By the time darwin wrote the second, in the process of updating for the third edition of the. Origin of species, added a preface, eventually wrote 7 pages of acknowledgements. Rebecca stott, darwin"s ghosts, asks interesting questions, asked if aristotle came up with evolution, if.

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