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October 4, 2011 Lecture Notes

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Western University
Biology 3594A
Kathleen Hill

Phenotype Helpful features or traits Ideally wont have a lot of variationwill be defined characteristic clear can be measured qualitative or even better quantitative For example peripheral vision loss in the retina is clear because the outside of the retina is always fuzzy Minimal variation in presentation predictable Highly penetrant Penetrancethe proportion of individuals who carry an allele and also carry the associated phenotype Birds as Model OrganismsExposed populations and unexposed populationslocated everywhere in many different environments This is useful as well because species distributed around the world could be representative of human populations For example we can study the effects of radiation poisoning in birds and extrapolate these to humans How do we know that birds have been exposed to radiation Previous information reduced clutch size From this we suspect issues with fertility and reproduction Birds also had weakened immune systems and birds were dying and leaving smaller population sizes behind Behavioural changes might also be a clue to radiation poisoning Short life historyif we wanted to look at a germ line mutation or breeding we can study these species in our life time because there
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