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October 20, 2011 - Hackenberg et. al

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Western University
Biology 3594A
Kathleen Hill

Repetitive Exposure to Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Induces DNA damage in Human Nasal Mucosa Mini Organ Cultures Hackenberg et al 2011ZnONPWhere would you come in contact with this Suncreencan contribute to melanoma Look up more places in which you come in contact with ZnONP and what companies are using it and marketing itDegradation of water pollutants Anticancer therapeutic combined with UV radiation They are useful drug carriers because these particles can get into cells and into the nucleus This is because of their very small size Topical applicationInjected InhalationIngestionPersistancenano particles can be inert and not metabolized Environmental Mutagenesis Society Renal cancera city that harvested wheat also had seeds mixed in from a weed that caused an adduct and renal cancerThe EMS mission is 1 to foster scientific research and education on the causes and mechanistic bases of DNA damage and repair mutagenesis herita
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