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Genetic Testing Tutorial 1 Notes

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Biology 3594A
Kathleen Hill

Genetic Testing Tutorial 1Sequencing is expensive and cant be used for low cost testing methods Minisatellitebigger 50150 bp in size corevariable 2 regionsthis makes up one region and that is what would get amplified over and over again too big to amplify The repeats are 50150 bp in size Microsatellitesmaller 23 bp ie CA in repeat Case 1Three possible solutions 1 PCR and RE digest then gel electrophoresis2 PASA PCR amplification of specific allelesyou get into a scenario where one of your primers is overlapping the SNP area of interest Allele 1 is exactly complimentary to primers a and b Allele 2 mismatches primer fwd near 3 end Wont get a strand the gel for the later method because the strands do not anneal with the SNP3 BiPASA Bidirectional PASAinstead of having two primers we have four primers Two of them are flanking the area of interest where the nucleotide polymorphisms are and they are normal forward and reverse primers The other two are allele specific primers and ar
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