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Genetics Tutorial II Notes

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Biology 3594A
Kathleen Hill

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Copy Number Variant I Kb or greater in size that is increased or decreased in the number of copies that exist Were always taught that we get one copy form Mom and one from Dad so this is confusing to us You would expect two copies for a normal set A part of the genome that may or may not contain genescould contain multiple that overlap or could only contain a part of one or none at all Instead of inheriting two copies someone might inherit three copies could have inherited it from Mom or Dad or it could be de novoCase 1Genome wide should point you towards microarrays Can look at multiple locations of genomesGenome wide sequencingUse of SNP array for ex affymetrix chips18 million markers locations across the genome and put them on one chipGoing to measure what hybridizes when looking at the intensity for affymetrixRemember can use DNA microarrays rather than expression microarrays RE digest gDNA label and hybridize on array then measure signals Tiling array whole genomehave the entire genome represented as probes on your microarray doesnt work with humans because our genome is too larg
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