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Mutation Spectrum Notes

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Western University
Biology 3594A
Kathleen Hill

Mutation SpectrumTakes the sequence and plots them above the actual sequence Exception Found that there are mutations that occurred in young harlequin cerebellum and are called class II deletions They are a signature mutation for ROS They are intrachromosomal and they are 1021 base pairs long There were only four of them but usually there are none It occurs in the young mice but not in the older seven month old mice At three months there is not a lot of neurone loss At seven months the mutant cells have died Intrachromosomal means within in the same stretch of DNA Only one strand was needed to do this Interchromosomal means between two chromosomesHow come PLAP found this but CII did not PLAPDetects an increase in mutant frequencyGII is sensitive and unstable LongMore sensitive targetRevertant assayin order to detect mutant frequency the mutant G11 needs to come back to G10 This will give you the blue precipitate Only need a little bit of enzyme to get blue Because of transcriptional error we already know it doesnt replica
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