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MGDA Notes

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Western University
Biology 3594A
Kathleen Hill

What is MGDA Mouse Diversity Genotyping ArrayNote Mouse Genome Informatics Since the early 1900s people have been breeding these mice These mice are used to study obesity because they get quite chubby at ten months of age They can also generate a lot of antibodiesTrick question Centromere is telocentric The centromere is up top the diagram Chromosomes are arranged from large chromosome to small MtDNA genome is about the same size as ours it is about 19 nucleotides Syntenytake a region of a chromosome from a mouse and then a human the genes are in the same order in some places There are more transcripts coming from one genecan have alternate transcription sites and alternate splicingRepresented SNPs over 600000 on a solid platform Each well contains a 25mer 25 nucleotides long representing an SNP in each well There will be eight probes per SNP 2positionsX2allelesX2strands What does it mean to genotype a mouse If in our population of mice an animal can be homozygous or heterozygous We could feature that the mice have genotypes for this first SNP that were looking at They may also be G or A Hemizygousone allele is missing These types of assays h
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