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Ultra Deep Sequencing Notes

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Biology 3594A
Kathleen Hill

mtDNAmore error pronecompact genome vast majority of it is codingprokaryote purple sulfer capsulatescircular doublematernal inheritanceheteroplasmymixed maternal and paternal inheritance ultra deep sequencing can find what the probability of inheriting mitochondria from dadhomoplasmycytochrome c rRNA tRNA some of the genes related to oxidative phosphorylation D loopcan have deletions and insertions base substitutionscan be highly variable but neutralTheoryaging is driven by mitochondrial disease mitochondrial function is compromised OXfosoxidative phosphorylation the production of ATPoxidative damage includes dan lipids and proteins as an organism ageshigh incidence of ROSsuper oxide anions and hydrogen peroxide are the ones you should rememberTheoryaging is driven by mt disease and mt function is compromised oxphos and atp production is declinedIf this is related to ROS we should see G to T transversions in mtDNA and deletions in mtDNA Fold coverage orders of magnitude more than 3050 if you take all the mtDNA out of my liver then there might be one1000 mutations or 110000 they want to find mutation load could compare and contrast ultradeep with RMCi
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