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Tasmanian Devil Notes

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Biology 3594A
Kathleen Hill

Iconicpopular Carnivoreslargest carnivore marsupial MammalsMarsupialsSmall Dog SizeTasmaniaused to thrive here now are gone2030 Newborns 4 nipplesSarcophilus harisiiBitingpart of matingAlso called Beelzebubs Pup Prince of Hell Satanic Meat Eater1941 Protected endangered in 2008 Strongest bite per unit body massFounder effectSmall population size Small isolated geographic locale Dig up animal corpses eat digestive system first and then curl up inside and eatcarrion Closest relative is a quoll found in Austrailia Museomicsgo into museums and find biological specimens of the species that exist today Tasmaniathe lower part of the island is poor devil habitat Intraspecies genetic variationwant to do this because its endangered Also want to cure a type of cancer however the tumour genome was not well done in this paper On the top right of the island in 1995 cancer is reported in this species Cedric lived in the northwest and Spirit lived in the southeast Cancer spread from the northeast to the south Cedric lives in the area with the highest genetic diversity however in general they have very low genetic
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