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Richard Gardiner

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Lecture 1Mycology Patrycja Pawlik The seven kingdoms Prokaryotes o Eubacteria o Achaebacteria extreme environmentsEukaryotes o Protozoa Protoctista unicellular o ChromistaProtocistaFungi o EumycotaFungiMulticellular haploids o Plantae o Metazoa AnimaliaMulticellular diploids 1 ChromistaNonfungio Brown algae kelp green algae diatoms slime moldsFungal like species not fungi o Oomycetes Look like fungi same kind of cellsDistinguishedflagella chlorophyll c and walls made of cellulose true fungi have chitin unicellular2 Eumycota FungiDiffer in DNA sequence from Chromista DistinguishedNo flagella walls of chitin vast majority of fungi are in this group Importance of FungiDiseaseFood food processing spoilage Decomposition breakdown a lot of leaf litter can degrade celluloseDrugs antibiotics toxins penicillinby product of fungiMycorrhizae Lichens symbiotic organismtwo organisms growing togetherGenetics good organism for research haploid easy to growEcology decomposers symbiotic relationshipBiological control replacement of pesticidesFungal diseases in humansAthletes foot fungi live in dead skinPeople with depressed immune systemmore susceptible to many fungi fungi dont like high temperaturesadvantage for humans Fungal diseases of plantsApple scab chestnut blight corn smut potato blight wilts mildews rustsFungal diseases of buildingsWet rot dry rot bathroom mildewBrowndry rotfungus produces only cellulasesWhite rotfungus produces ligninases and cellulasesSerpula lacrymans dry rot fungus o Highly destructive fungusdecay in buildings o Spread for 10 m from one timber location to another o Humans cant breathe in too much sporesdangerous Foodbeverages which involve fungiBeer wine strains of saccharomycesCheeseMushrooms Bread yeast Truffles under ground mushroom very expensiveDecomposersHoney mushroom Armillaria melleaworlds largest organism o Root parasite kill trees o Parasitizes other mushroomsdeforming fruit bodies o Forms beneficial root partnership with orchids o Makes tree wood glow in darko Forms shoestring like rhizomorphs which invade under bark and pass between trees Oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatuso Carnivorous fungus o Grows on rotting wood low in N o Obtain N by poisoning nematodes and digest them Lichens part fungus part alga Mycorrhizae partner with plantspromote better growth
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