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Biology 4218A
Richard Gardiner

Plant Pathology Myxomycetes (Slime)  multinucleate plasmodium, stalked sporangia, phagocytosis (bacteria) - Physarum cinereum - Fuligo septica - Plasmodiophora brassicae (Roots of cabbage plants, converted to thick walled resting sporangia for winter) Chytridiomycetes (wart fungi)  zoospores uniflagellate, endoparasitic on potato, hypertrophy + hyperplasia = galls/warts on roots and tubers - Synchytrium endobioticum Oomycetes (water moulds)  oogonia/antheridia, oospores thick walled, biflagellate zoospores, sporangia, peronsporales - Phytophtora infestans - P. cinnamomi - P. ramorum Zygomycetes (black moulds)  Mucorales, soft rot of fleshy fruits/veggies, thick walled zygospores, and black sporangia - Rhizopus Stolonifer Ascomycetes  Ascus layer in blister, naked Asci, yeast phase, budding ascospores - Taphrina deformans (peach leaf curl) 1. Cleistothecia + Perithecia - Sphaerotheca pannosa (Powdery mildew of rose) - Rhytisma acerinum (Tar spot of maple) 2. Apothecial (sclerotium/mummified fruit) - Monilinia fructicola (brown rot of peach) - Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (white mold of beans) 3. Deuteromycetes (spots + blights, conidia) - Alternaria Solani (blight or leaf spot of tomato) - Botrytis cinerea (gray mould and blight of fruit) Basidiomycetes 1. Teliomycetes (4 celled basidium, Uredinales, alternate hosts, black teliospores, yeast phase for basidiospores) o Ustilago maydis (corn smut) 2. Aphyllophorales/Agaricales (holobasidium, polypores and mushrooms, tree disease/decay) o Rhizoctonia/ Thanatephorus o White and brown rot of logs o Dry rot of wood Morphogenetic changes in hosts brought about by fungal infection 1. Resistance responses: a. Hypersensitivity: biochemical defense mechanism  death of cells and tissues in response to attempts at invasion by pathogenic micro-organisms, formation of phenolic antimicrobial compounds (phytoalexins)  peas (pistin) + peppers (capistol) b. Brow
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