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Course Code
BIOL 1202B
Richard Gardiner

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B I O L O G Y 1002B
February 12, 2011 Time: 2 Hours
Student No. _________________ Test Room ___________ Row _____
( ) On your Scantron sheet Fill the bubbles completely
Use HB pencil only
No stray marks or doodles
Make all erasures complete
Yes - Calculators are permitted
(non-programmable only)
No – Borrowing is not allowed
Print name Print clearly
Signature Do your best
Instructor Maxwell
Course Bio 1002B
Student number Print clearly/ Bubble neatly
Exam Code 111 – Very important
Section Leave it blank
Answer Sheet Leave it blank
( ) On your Test Book Do not write your name on the cover
Your Scantron answers will be emailed to
your UWO email account within a week.
Review copies of this test will posted
on WebCT for study purposes.
Student number No names please
Test Room The room you’re in right now
Row number We will tell you this
Indicate your answers in the test book. Leave no questions blank.
1) Please place your ID prominently on your desk and sign the
attendance sheet when it comes to you.
2) There are 40 questions in this test. Check your paper
3) There is only one fully correct answer for each question.
Part marks may be awarded. Answer all questions. We do
not subtract wrong from right.
4) Indicate your answers in both the test paper and on the
5) It is your responsibility to transfer all answers from the test
book to the Scantron sheet within the 2 hour test period.
6) When finished, please stay seated and raise your hand.
We will collect both your test book and your Scantron
sheet. Test books will be returned to you in tutorial.
Warning The Scantron marking program has a cheating analysis feature that compares answer patterns for all papers.
It alerts us to similarities. We then check seating arrangements.
Do not sit near your study partners or write the same test codes. Keep your work directly in front of you.
Please help us avoid any and all misunderstandings during these tests.
Comments: Please defend your arguments on this page only. Comments will not be accepted after the test.
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