Biology 2244A/B Final: Bio2244A Final Exam Review of Various Tests

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Pairing can help to limit the influence of extraneous variables. 2 categorical predictor variables & 1 continuous response variable. Each observation in sample 1 is associated with an observation in sample 2. 1 (or 2) categorical predictor variable(s) & 1 continuous response variable. 1 categorical predictor variable (with 2+ levels) & 1 continuous response variable. Allows to test hypothesis about means of 2+ populations while controlling the risks of type 1 error and without being overly conservative. Normally distributed or the smallest n is sufficiently large. Df n-1 (n = # of pairs) n-1. Standard deviation of variable is the same in all population. ** population conditions aren"t critical if n is big enough ** Done by regular one-sample t-test, but use the values obtained by calculating the difference between the two population means. Get ts (same as getting it for two-tailed tests) Calculate variance msbtw (also known as mserror)

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