Biology 2601A/B Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Thermogenesis, Basal Metabolic Rate, University Of Cape Town

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Effect of temperature on oxygen consumption of the mouse, Scientific research has shown that an organism maintains its body temperature constant via changing in heat production, which also alters its metabolic rate. The experiment was designed to determine whether the temperature has an impact on oxygen consumption of the mice, mus domesticus. The oxygen consumption rate was collected at three different temperatures, cold (10oc), room (22oc), and warm temperature (30oc), using a scholander respirometer, which indirectly displays the metabolic rate. The result demonstrated a difference between room and cold environmental temperatures treatment, as well as room and warm ambient temperatures treatment. Internal body thermoregulation is very common in endotherms. This behavioral mechanism is also followed in the mice population, mus domesticus. It allows the organism to maintain a constant internal body temperature, in response to changing surrounding temperatures, since endotherm can change its own heat production and metabolic rate.