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Western University
Biology 1229A/B
Tom Haffie

Rsha SoudPart IIIFactors Affecting Population Change1a Densitydependent factor is a factor that is influenced by the population density As the population density of the population increases the effects of densitydependent factors also increaseb An example of three different density dependent factors includes competition disease and predation Competition becomes more intense when more individuals are competing for the same resourcesPredation is when one organism kills and eats another organismCrowding space limitations occurs in highdensity populations with limited space it affects the growth size and survival of individuals in a population2a Interspecific competition occurs when organisms of the same species compete for resources Some examples of interspecific competition are finding mating partners territorial competition and dominance competition if the organisms live in groups Intraspecific competition is competition involving organisms of different species Examples of intraspecific competition are territorial competition and competition for foodb One possible consequence to the population as the density of the population increases is the decreased availability of food With more of the species occupying the space food becomes less accessible because there are so meant trying to get a hold of it Also overcrowding becomes an issue There begins to be a lot more of the species than the space to withstand them Crowing affects the growth size and survival of the individuals in a population Resources become very limited3a Predation is the interaction between predator and prey when one organism kills and eats another organismb Predation becomes more competitive when the population density of the predators is high By consuming the prey predators increase their own population while decreasing the population density of the prey Lack of predation can cause problems for the prey population However without predation the prey can increase rapidly which can lead to a depletion of resources and can increase the risk of disease c Disease in a population also increases with the density of the population High population density causes the spread of a disease easier which can have negative effects on a population as well on populations that interact with it in an ecosystemd The Allee effect occurs when population sizes become too small It is a
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