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Bio2244A Final Exam Review of Various Tests

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Biology 2244A/B
Nusha Keyghobadi

Summary of Various Tests PostMidterm Parametric TestsTest Name Variables Used When Steps DF Critical Assumptions Paired Samples TTest 2 categoricalEach observation in sample 1Done by regular onesample ttest but n1Random samples from bothpredictor is associated with an use the values obtained by calculating n of samplesPairing can help to variables1 observation in sample 2 the difference between the two pairsIndependent observation within limit the influence of continuouspopulation means and between samples extraneous variables responseEx Beforeafter studies Normally distributed OR the variable twin studiesPose hypotheses smallest n is sufficiently largeCalculate tstatisticsGet the pvalue from the tableAcceptreject the null hypothesis OneTailed Tests 1 or 2When using directionalPose hypotheses n1categorical hypothesesNull equal tohigherlowerDirectional predictorAlternate what you want to variables1 prove continuousGet t same as getting it for twotailed sresponse tests variableDO NOT DOUBLE PVALUE One Way ANOVA 1 categoricalAllows to test hypothesisTests about 2 variances SSwithin Design conditionsAnalysis Of VariAnce predictor about means of 2Variance among population n totalRandom samples variable with 2 populations while controlling means sample sizeIndependent observations levels1 the risks of type 1 error andVariance within populationsIof within continuous without being overlymeansIndependent observations response conservativePose hypothesesamong different samples variableNull all means are equal SS btwPopulation ConditionsAlternate means are not allIofStandard deviation of equal observations variable is the same in allMeasure average variance within1of population samples estimatedVariable is normallyCalculate sum of squares SS parameters distributed in each within groups populationCalculate variance SSdf Population conditions arent mean square MS critical if n is big enoughwithin Measure variance among sample meansCalculate SS between groupsCalculate varianceMSbtw also known as MS error
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