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Bio2244A Final Exam Review Notes

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Biology 2244A/B
Nusha Keyghobadi

Bio2244A Cheat NotesBinomial Distribution Categorical variable that fits the IndependentTrials Model BInS Bbinomial outcome two possible results success of failure IIndependent samples n fixed sample size assigned before experiment S same pvalue for all trialsNormal Distribution Continuous variable know information on the PARAMETERS meanand standard deviationZYSampling Distribution Continuous variable know information on the PARAMETERS meanstandard deviationand n for a large number of samples ZYnstandard deviation of the population distributionStudents tDistribution Continuous variable know information on the Parameter meanBUT not on the standard deviation Therefore we use the sample standard deviation sWe must know n to determine t statistic and degrees of freedom df tYsnstandard error of the meanCritical assumptions made when using the tdistribution we had a random sample from the population that observations are dependent from each other withinand between each sample that the variable was normally distributed or n was sufficiently large say n20Statistical Inference Estimation or Hypothesis TestingParametric tests Focus on specific parameters such as mean and median valid only when the population distribution is normal1 Estimation Estimate the value of a population parameterConfidence Interval An interval that contains the population mean with X probability Pr 196 Z196095 where ZYn Therefore there is a 95 chance thatlies within196 n yCI for tsn where t depends on df and sn is the standard error of the mean y df 222ss21CI for tSEwhere SEyy1212 y1y2y1y2 nn21CI for tsn d df 2dd
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