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Bio2290F Cheat Sheet

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Western University
Biology 2290F/G
Robert Dean

BIO2290F CHEAT SHEETDEFINITIONSStatistics science that deal with the analysis and interpretation of data with a view towards objective evaluation of the reliability of conclusions based on the dataBiometry or Biostatistics data analysis applied to biological problemsBiological DataVariable measured response of an experimental unitObservation datum measured responseSample small representative collection from a populationRatio scales of measurement measurement scaled which have a true zero point and a constant interval sizeData on a ratio scale can be divided into 2 types o Continuous data data taken from some continuum which can have fractional increments o Discrete or discontinuous data data take on integer values where no intermediate values are possibleParameter a quantity such as mean or standard deviation when describing a populationStatistic estimate of population parameter such as sample mean or sample standard deviationDescriptive StatisticsMean the measure of central tendency of the data o Average of all the observations o Sample mean is an estimate of the true meanof the population from which the sample was drawn o n sample size total number of observations o x individual observation of variable x i sum of all observations of variable xVariance measure of the variation of observations within a population 2o Same variance s is an estimate of the true or population varianceStandard Deviation square root of the variance o Measure of the dispersion of the population around the mean o Used when we wish to describe the population that has been sampled o 1 organismreplicateonly taking one measurementStandard error of mean measures the deviates of the sample means from the population mean oDeviation is natural o Used when we wish to describe the precision of estimation of the population mean o Many organismsreplicatetaking more than one measurement to get an average
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