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FINAL - 2290 Review December 2013 - Mohammad El-Bagdady.pdf

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Biology 2290F/G
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Biology 2290F Final Exam Notes 2013 By Moe ElBagdady EXACT EXAM STUFF FROM TERM 1 2290 FINALGREEN TEXT That doesnt mean to not study anything else some other stuff tested Just forgotBUT key thing is to know answers for Unit summary questions thFinal Exam Wednesday December 11 900 am 25 hr Bring your Western ID card Thames HallGym PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS MAY NOT BE USED IN THE BIOLOGY 2290FG FINAL EXAMINATIONIf you have health or compassionate conflicts with this date please see the academic counsellors in the Deans Office to arrange a Special ExamGet document signed by I KrajnykSpecial Final Exams may have a different format than the regularly scheduled Final ExamPlease confirm with I Krajnyk any arrangements you have made with the Student Development OfficethExam Review Session Tuesday December 10 1200 noon NCB Room 113 Laboratory teaching faculty will respond to questions Exam Format and Content TheFinalExamhasbeendesignedtodeterminethedegreetowhichindividualstudentscanindependently demonstrate a command of a set of Final Exam Course Objectives appropriate for the content of the current offering of the course For this term the Final Exam Objectives are outlined below A total of 30 of the Final Mark is available Dean Krajnyk and Zabulionis Units 10 eachSince the course has been substantially reorganized relative to previous offerings we will not discuss questions from previous exams Sample questions will be available on the OWL Sakai site to illustrate some possible question formatsTake note that most of these objectives involve skilful application rather than simple recall of knowledge acquired in the course Each student has had a different experience passing through the different units of this course The Final Exam may take this into account by asking questions that involve i material that everyone has encountered either in a particular Unit eg spectrophotometry or during a given rotation eg creating a table ii material relating only to your personal experience eg Briefly describe the importance of controls in your genetics experiment iiinovel situations that no one has encountered in the course eg How might you test the hypothesis that Victoria Park squirrels prefer to nest in oaksStudy Tips Since the philosophy and structure of Biology 2290 are unique among the Core Courses you should not assume that study techniques that are successful in other courses will necessarily be successful in Biology 2290 Your studying should prepare you to think and work with rather than just remember the concepts covered in the course Review any material that you found difficult eg dilutions as well as anything that was delegated to another group member Look over your individual experiments with the intent to defend your methods analyses and conclusionsReview the poster GuidelinesPractice calculations Get helpSleepOverall Course Objectives Relevant to the Final Exam
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