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krajnyk Exam Notes

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Biology 2290F/G
Robert Dean

Krajnik Unit Notes1Scientific Method p125127aExperimentiObjective to determine if iiNull and alternate hypothesis1Nullhypothesis of no difference Null hypothesis is always tested hypothesis can never be proved only supported or disproved 2Alternate hypothesisshowing difference 3when writing nullalternate hypothesis include full Latin name of organisms common name in paranthesis mention specific part of organism if applicable dependant and independent variables kind of effect ie inhibitory if applicable part andor stage if applicable in the life cycle of an organism ie seedlings vs adultif more than two measurements of dependant variable use general variables like growth Never include scientific authority in hypothesis If lots of bacterial species put under general term like gram positive iiiPredictionsdirectional statementsivDesigning the experimentinclude control replication randomization Also think about sample size choice of organism treatments what will be measured dependant variable appropriate experimental parameters the number and frequency of observation duration of the experiment solutions apparatusmaterials vImplementing experimentaccount for experimental errors micro environmental variability in a growth chamber variability among coworkersviStatistical analyses to make conclusions2Define terms p94 105 125129 and class notes aSignificance Levelprobability level below which we will reject null hypothesis usually 005bNullalternate hypothesis see abovesimple statements that describe the possible response to the question that was asked Alternate hypothesis is hypotheisis of the scientist Null always testedcPredictionprovide sense of directionwhat you expect to see dReplicationrepetition of a treatment reduces experimental error exact same thingnotechanging 1 thing is changing the experiment Many replicates ensures valididty of results Also replicate controls Min number of replications n 1 where nnumber of treatmentsinclude control as a treatmenteRandomizationnot done by careful choice Every individual from the population has an equal chance of being represented in an experiment
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