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Study Guides for Richard Gardiner

Microorganisms & Plant Disease

Biology 4218A Study Guide - Final Guide: Verticillium Wilt, Systemic Acquired Resistance, Quantitative Trait Locus

Host Plant Defenses Crop Domestication Forces of crop domestication often oppose those of natural selection Crop domestication: predictable, uniform, yield; community performance favoured Nat sel: diversity, persistenc...

Biology 4218A
Richard Gardiner
Biology 4218A Study Guide - Moniliophthora Perniciosa, Chlorophyll, Xylem

Plant Pathology Myxomycetes (Slime)  multinucleate plasmodium, stalked sporangia, phagocytosis (bacteria) - Physarum cinereum - Fuligo septica - Plasmodiophora brassicae (Roots of cabbage plants, converte...

Biology 4218A
Richard Gardiner
Biology 4218A Study Guide - Aflatoxin B1, Itch, Tempeh

BIOLOGY AND FOOD - 10,000 species of fleshy fungi o Only a few lethal o However some are quite common - 20 genera represent the prime food fungi Agaricus bisporus/brunnescens (Holobasidiom...

Biology 4218A
Richard Gardiner
Biology Fungi 3218 Notes.docx

Lecture 1Mycology Patrycja Pawlik The seven kingdoms Prokaryotes o Eubacteria o Achaebacteria extreme environmentsEukaryotes o Protozoa Protoctista unicellular o ChromistaProtocistaFungi o EumycotaFungiMulticellular haploi...

Biology 4218A
Richard Gardiner
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