Business Administration 2257 Study Guide - Final Guide: Business Cycle, Historical Cost, Asset

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0) role, decision, sub-decisions, goals: understand the organization, business size-up. Main consumer? (4-5: competitive analysis and advantage main competitor (2-3/competitor, corporate capabilities strengths, weaknesses (5, financial size-up. Statement of cash flows write which ratios need to analyze based on cf: compare key ratios to industry/competitors if applicable (5-6, net income, d&a, a/r, a/p, inventory (ages of all)!! Do for all years: how much cash did we make/lose from ops, 1where is it coming out of? is this sustainable? (4-5, major sources and uses (3-4, debt (d/e, int. Sustainable: matching (2-3) match short-term/long-term uses/sources (financing /investing, ratio analysis (5-6 ratios with written implications, must: age of a/r, age of a/p, age of i, d/e plus 2-3 more, contribution analysis on past financial performance. Business 2257 cheat sheet sara khoo (250920777) Total contribution = total sales total variable costs. Unit contribution = selling price variable cost per unit. Contribution margin rate = unit contribution selling price.