Business Administration 3300K Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Imitation, Dynamic Capabilities

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Document Summary

Firm in rbv: specific collection of resources and capabilities that can be deployed to achieve competitive advantage. Rq1: what is resources (assets and capabilities) are valuable in enabling firm productivity: dynamic capabilities in is research. Path-dependent nature of dynamic capabilities: repeated practice and incremental learning from small mistakes will lead to capabilities that are complex, difficult to imitate & responsive to change. Rq2: how do firs organise it and other non-it resources and leverage it capabilities to enable firm productivity: research methodology, qualitative research approach with case study design of batamindo shipping & warehousing pte ltd. 4. 1 data collection: collection of data between jan 2012 and aug 2912, semi-structured interviews and informal discussions about adoption phased of bsw"s is and how firm leveraged it to achieve productivity. 4. 2 data analysis: iteration among empirical data, theoretical lens, the rbv and dynamic capabilities in is research literature.