Business Administration 3300K Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Disintermediation, Exponential Growth, Power Law

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S5-im: established companies" strategic responses to sharing economy. Threats zhang et al. (2018: introduction, established firms need to have strategic responses that put them into position to avoid being drowned by sharing economy and ideally benefit from the responses. Digital platforms in sharing economy: serve as focal point of ecosystems that bring together individuals and businesses with underused assets and those who need to rent assets for limited time. Traditional pipeline businesses: linear sequence of activities to transform inputs at one end of value chain to outputs or finished products at the other end; invest heavily to acquire assets to compete. Have dominated industries for decades, now disrupted by seps. 2. 1 four aspects of sharing economy disruptors competitive moves. Entry point: reason for multiple market entry points: sharing economy disruptors do not have asset constraints faced by traditional business; have diversity of assets by platform participants that make their entry unpredictable + may even create new markets.

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