Business Administration 3301K Study Guide - Final Guide: Customer Satisfaction, Liquor Control Board Of Ontario, Walmart

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Key areas of analysis, your decision and key points from your recommendation plan. Stakeholders: stakeholders: who will the decision affect? (owners, employees, existing customers, manufacturers, suppliers, etc. ) Issues: any constraints (budget, time, expertise, competitive reactions) Company analysis look at what company is doing right now and what needs to be done to meet future goals. Organization drivers: mission, values attributes that drive you to leverage the mission, you will protect these above all else, story history that gives us context for believing values. Brand drivers: principle unique way we create value over competitors (ex: volvo = safety, personality if our brand was a person, what would he/she be like, associations crash test dummy & volvo. Marketing tactics: 4 p"s tie these back into brand. Brand equity = brand awareness + brand loyalty + perceived quality + brand association. High brand equity = potential opportunity to launch new product in new market: objectives.