Business Administration 3303K Study Guide - Final Guide: Takeover Target

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Ben & jerry"s mission statement encompasses three key elements: product, economic, and social initiatives. It stresses the importance of seeking new and creative ways of fulfilling each without compromising another. I agree with their corporate culture of helping the community, striving for the best working conditions and benefits for their employees, and a focus to serve premium products to their customers. Product: provide new and unique flavours for customers; utilize original ingredients to include in flavour combinations. Economic: raised prices when it was necessary (despite an outlook to keep prices low and affordable for customers) Social initiatives: donate 7. 5% of pre-tax profits to worthwhile causes, attempt to help out farmers, try to use ingredients in the rainforest. Essentially, it has fulfilled its mission statement in various parts and initiatives. It is difficult for it to be executed in its full capacity simultaneously, as some things most be sacrificed at times to comply with a certain aspect of the statement.