Business Administration 3303K Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Financial Statement, Sodium Hydride, Expected Return

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*always clarify your decision, role & criteria before staring a case* A company"s corporaion goals may not align with its inancial goals. Strategies (compeiive advantage and how is it relected in inancials: distribuion chain, stakeholders, working capital (inancing gap) o. Matching are your sources/uses appropriately matched (long term liabiliies used to fund ixed assets?) Overall, how did we get our cash and where did we use it: historical stock performance a. Examine the general trend of stock performance against past performance (ime series) and vs. industry performance (peer evaluaion) While all the raios are computed for you in. Promise to repay iniial investment at some future date. Can have an addiional promise to pay periodic interest payments during life. Short term debt less than one year to maturity; typically no periodic interest payments. Long term debt greater than one year o o. Term loans: arranged privately with bank or other insituions.