Business Administration 3304K Study Guide - Final Guide: Cash Flow, Operating Expense, Cost Accounting

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Coping strategies: hire a mechanic to fix the machine, rogo stays at the plant for extended hours to ensure that shipments are being sent out on a more timely basis. Roi: the robots, the industrial robots are installed as a means to increase productivity. In order for the robots to have truly increased productivity the throughput would have had to increase whole inventory and operational expenses would have to be simultaneously decreasing. Alex is rewarded with a well-deserved promotion to manage three plants. Lead times decreased drastically, after which they began to take on more orders. After taking on increased orders, they were suddenly handling more orders than they could process without increasing lead times. The team realizes that although they have solved the initial problems of bottlenecks, capacity constraint resources are also essential to consider. The phenomenon of traveling-bottlenecks" also became a factor that steadily increased lead times. This set back forces the team to reevaluate their systematic approach.

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