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Business Administration
Business Administration 2100Q/R/S/T
Tom Haffie

ch01Student 1A population is a set of existing units BT RTrueFalse2If we examine some of the population measurements we are conducting a census of the population BT RTrueFalse3A random sample is selected so that on each selection from the population every unit remaining in the population has an equal chance of being chosen BT RTrueFalse4A process is in statistical control if it does not exhibit any unusual variations BT RTrueFalse5An example of a quantitative variable is the make of a car BT RTrueFalse6An example of a qualitative variable is the fuel efficiency of a car BT RTrueFalse7Statistical inference is the science of using a sample of measurements to make generalization about the important aspects of a population of measurements BT RTrueFalse8If we sample without replacement we do not place the unit chosen on a particular selection back into the population BT RTrueFalseth9By taking a systematic sample in which we select every 100 shopper arriving at a specific store we are approximating a random sample of shoppers BT RTrueFalse10Nonresponse reduces the sample size and may have a negative impact on the generalization of results if the individuals who do not respond are themselves nonrandom BT RTrueFalse11Undercoverage is when some units of the population are mistakenly included in the sample BT RTrueFalse
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