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Business Administration
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Business Administration 2257
Brian Langen

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Role: Jim Graham, President of Try Recycling & Aggregates Decision: Starting the Grow Gardening Program (Selling gardening products through fundraising activities) Issues: To approach local schools or community organizations (or both) Goals:  Teach community about recycling  Increase retail sales; target profit of $35,000  Promote overall business Qualitative – Marketing trends Case Fact Implication London residents have been recycling more Consumers are aware of, and are interested in environmental products; Increased demand for Try Schools and organizations are into Increased awareness and demand for Try environmentalism London Composite is growing fast Increased Interest in sustainable business and demand for Try Qualitative – Marketing trends Case Fact Implication Strength Innovator in recycling Benefits from increased % in recycling Gets paid to receive raw materials Destination location People come to pick up products and drop off raw materials Jim’s experience Networks in community Already part of other fundraising initiatives Weakness Retail sales are only 5% of total revenue Does Try / partners have enough retail experience? Many competitors have arisen How can Try differentiating from competition? Potential for cannibalism Customers don’t have the Try experience Difficult to manage Lower margins from selling to schools or organizations Qualitative – Consumer analysis Who Local schools Community groups (church groups, sports teams, not-for-profit agencies) What Profit margins at 30 – 55% Fun or raising awareness Safe for students (approval of parents is necessary) Easy to transport Not too expansive How Schools need approval by the principal Community groups need approval by one delegate CMR – Try Recycling & Aggregates Product Selling price Variable costs UC CMR % Compost $13.00 $11.00
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