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Business Administration
Business Administration 2257
Emily Saunders

Business257FINAL EXAM NOTES PASTLOOKING Corporate Capabilities human resourcesproduction objectives Introduction to Marketing financing experience The 4 Ps of Marketing Consumer Analysis Who What When Where Why PriceHow Promotion Competitive Analysis Who Product Relative sizepower market share Placement Pros and ConsTheir target market Push vs Pull Strategy Industry statistics Pull Strategy distribution in which a firms Environmental Analysis political economical social promotional efforts are directed towards the technological ultimate user in an effort to create strong consumer demandThe consumer asks the dealer for the product which in turn tends to pull the goods through the channel of distribution from the producer to consumer Need large promotional plan lots of CASHPush Strategy firms promotional efforts are directed towards the members of the channel of distribution who are motivated by attractive incentives to sell the firms products Offer advertising allowances and discounts to stock Better if not a lot of cash on hand for a large promotional planStatement of Cash Flow Requirements TWO Balance Sheets and ONE Income StatementPurposeprovide information to how the activities of the enterprise have been financed and how its financial resources have been used during the period covered by the statement identifies specific activities which provided or consumed cash during a period of time Shows the companys ability to meet its obligations expand its operations and to take advantage of opportunities as they ariseHow to prepare 1 Operationshow normal business operations have affected the flow of cash 2 Financingchanges in the size and composition of the capital structure debt and equity 3 Investing effects on cash of all investment activities which involved the noncurrent assets Assets Liabilities and OE Increase USE SOURCE Decrease SOURCE USE TAccounts for Fixed Assets and Net IncomeRetained Earnings OB 2309273 1061628 Net Income
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