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Business Administration
Business Administration 2257
Ian Dunn

TerraCycle IncRole Betsy Cotton CFO of TerraCycleDecision PrimaryWhether or not to launch 2 new productsAfrican Violet and Orchid SecondaryDevelop a promotional plan for TerraCycle products Assess the need for financingtype availability amountGoals and ObjectivesReach economies of scaleAiding the environment oUltimate ecocapitalist corporationManaging cash flow for future sustainabilityEffective promotionsImprove profitabilityCorporate CapabilitiesPros Bottle brigadelow cost and noble way to obtain bottlesDistributing through Home Depot and WalMartoSuccessful sales channel and proven productPositive press coverage oLots of free publicity and awards Cons Owner has not completed his educationlittle experienceLimited supply of bottles through schoolsLimited resources and access to financingLimited product linesoReliance on one product Productionprocess is long 33 daysSummary and ImplicationsIs TerraCycle ready for growth They are losing money they need to do something to change things wont be able to sustain themselves much longer if they are losing money Industry AnalysisTrend towards ecofriendly Large densely competitiveTerraCycle is small and in a growth phase relative to the big companies ScottsSpectrum oCan release new products and grow wo being detected by bigger onesCompetition
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