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2320 Final: 13

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Business Administration
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Business Administration 3301K
Paul Whitehead

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13 1.A set of business activities that add value to products and services sold to consumers for their personal use is called: A. licens ing. B. manufacturing. C. franchising. D. retailing. E. reselling. 2.Which of the following adds value to products by selling them to consumers for their personal use? A. whole saler B. manufacture r C. retailer D. reselle r E. producer 3.Retailing is a type of _____ transaction. A. B2 B B. B2C C. B2G D. G2B E. G2C 4.The key factor that distinguishes retailers from others members of the supply chain is that it sells products to: A. wholes alers. B. manufacturers . C. businesses.D. consumers. E. resellers. 5.Firms involved in buying, often storing, and physically handling goods in large quantities and then reselling goods to business users are called: A. manufac turers. B. producers . C. institutions. D. retailers. E. wholesalers . 6.The level of difficulty a manufacturer has in getting retailers to purchase its products is determined by: A. the level of sophistication of the product. B. customer expectations. C. the relative power of the manufacturer and retailer. D. distribution intensity. E. channel member characteristics. 7.Which of the following offers limited sales of nonfood items and merchandise in a selfservice format? A. bigbox food retailers B. conventional supermarkets C. hypermarket s D. supercentres E. warehouse clubs 8.A traditional grocery store continues to thrive in the competitive food market by: A. offering a wide variety of products, including food and many nonfood items. B. specializing in a particular product category. C. efficiently marketing their products. D. providing large discounts on products. E. finding special products and services that are important to their customers. 9.Food Basics is a grocery retail chain that offers products such as dairy, frozen foods, meat, snacks, and a limited line of general merchandise. Food Basics is an example of a: A. convenien ce store. B. specialty store. C. hypermarket. D. conventional supermarket. E. drugstore. 10.A hypermarket is a type of: A. bigbox food retailer. B. convenience store. C. general merchandise retailer. D. specialty store. E. department store. 11.Shannon has limited time for shopping and prefers to buy tissues, grooming products, and other household needs from the same stores where she buys her groceries at discount rates. Which of the following types of retailers is best suited for Shannon? A. conventional supermarkets B. convenience stores
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