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Western University
Chemistry 1027A/B
Mark Workentin

Chapter 3: Chemical Kinetics 3.1 Reaction Rates and Rate Laws  Study of how quickly a reaction will proceed and factors affecting rate  Speed at which a reaction takes place is governed by several factors: increase concentration, increase temperature, presence of a catalyst increase rate  Rate is defined by comparing the change in the product / reactant concentration over time [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) [ ] [ ]  Orders tell us how the rate changes when the concentration changes (exponent values)  Products of a reaction do not normally appear in the rate law  Experimental method is used to facilitate monitoring the changes in a reactant or product  First-order reactions is affected linearly [ ] [ ]  Half-life 1/2) is the amount of time it takes to use up half of the reactant  Concentration or initial amount of the reactant doesn’t affect the half-life [ ] ( ) [ ] ( )  Zero-order is not dependent on concentration, only on k [ ] [ ] [ ]  Second-order rates depend on k and the square of [A] [ ] [ ] [ ] 3.2 Reaction Mechanisms and the Arrhenius Equation  Reaction coordinate is an abstract one-dimensional coordinate that represents progress along a reaction pathway  Collision theory explains various factors that influence reaction rates  Molecules must overcome the activation barrier, energy required to overcome this barrier is called the activation energy aE )  Average kinetic energy of molecules = temperature  Concentration affects reaction rate (higher concentration = more collisions)  Energy needed to overcome activation barrier comes fro
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