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Chapter 1 Summary This is a complete summary of chapter 1 that includes examples and all the important formulas.

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Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

Chemistry 1200b Notes Chapter 1Chemical Equilibrium 11The Equilibrium ConstantNote omit solids and liquids from KReverse equation K gets flippedoMultiply by a constant o K Add equations oHomogeneous means that all the substances in the reaction are in the same phaseHeterogeneous means that all the substances in the reactions are in different phases o Note Aqueous is considered the same phase as water The Reaction Quotient Q Where QK then a shift to the left will occurWhere QK then a shift to the right will occurQkat equilibriumQ is at anytime in the reaction not necessarily at K Le Chteliers PrincipleAfter equilibrium is reach if a disturbance of temperature or pressure or concentration occurs equilibrium will shift to oppose the actionIn the above example 4 moles of substance are on the right versus the 2 moles of substance on the left which mean that the equilibrium will shift to the rightNote liquidssolids are not affected by volume changeConcentrationo An increase of reactantdecrease in productQK shift right o A decrease of reactantdecrease in productQK shift left
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