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Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

Chemm 11000a Test 1 Saturdday October 16 2010200 hoursMultiplle Choicee SectionSection code 0000 Exxam codee 000 Message from the DeanAll aanswer sheeets are subbject to a coommon dataa analysis dentifies anoomalies of sstatistical ssignificance in the seleection of rignng which idht and wross by pairs of students The coursee instructorr is requiredd to report aall statisticaally answersignificaant results wwhich suggeest that cheeating may have occurred All such incidents will be subject to fuurther investigation Alases of cheaating will bee subject too l proven caaacademic ppenalties If tted near soomeone witth whom yoou severe you are currently seastudied and you thhink you maay choose mmany of thee same ansswers as thaat person rraise your hhand now and ask a prroctor to resseat you pleasett contains 222 multiplechoice queestions eacch worth onne mark annd 5 shortThis tesanswer questions each worthh two markss Be sure yyou have a complete ttest paper aaper and a periodic table are attaached and bbe removedd for use Scrap pthey mayPlace yoour student nn your deskID card o ay is a Sharp EL510Ryy permitted calculator BB No otherr electronicc devices mThe onlbe in yooor timekeepping purposses A moleecular modeel kit is ur possession even feed but the ssharing of mmodels or mmodel piecees is strictlyy forbiddenpermittsheets welcome to keep the question booklet and any scrap You aress and instruuctors will neexplain queestions norr will ot interpret translate clarify or Proctorthey connfirm verifyy or assist yyou with yoour answerss or your thinking Theerefore youu are not permmitted to ask any questions relateed to the coontent of thee test time allottss no extra eed for fillinng in the Scantron AAfter 200 hoours everyyone There imust puccils down TThe Scantroon whetherr completedd or not willl be collectted t their peno circumstaances will this booklet be used foor marking ppurposes TThe answerrs on Under naantron are cconsideredr official ansswers so pplease ensuure that youuto be youryour Sccomplete your Scarrately and prior to thee end of thee test Answwers that caannot ntron accuaantron compputer will bee marked as being inccorrect be read by the Sc oo not leave before the last 15 minnutes you mmust stay inn your seatt until you aare If you ddismisseed NO TALLKING IS AALLOWED AAT ANY TIMMEChemistry 1100a Test 1 October 2010Page 1 1 Choose the statement that best describes the relationship between these three 282930species Si Si and Si A They are isotopes of the same elementB They represent an isoelectronic series C They are ions with different charges D They differ in the number of electrons E They differ in the number of protonsSO What is correct about 2 A 250 mL aqueous solution contains 175 g of NH424this solution22 is 53010 M A The concentration of SO42B The solution contains 13210 moles of NH 42is 53010 MC The concentration of NH42D The concentration of NH is 26510 M 42 2 moles of SOE The solution contains 2651043 Which one of the following compounds is the least soluble in water A BaSO4B MgNO 32 C NaNO3SO D K24 E AgNO3
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