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Western University
Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

Chemistry1100AFinalExamDecember112011Code000Page1of16 Before starting the test be sure that you have correctly enteredYour student numberSection code 000Exam code 1 A 736 g sample of a compound containing only carbon hydrogen and oxygen is completely burned in excess oxygen The products of the reaction are 1012 g of CO and 828 g of HO What is the empirical formula of the compound 22 A CHO 4B CHO282 C CHO 48HO D C24E CHO 42 2 A metal carbonate with the formula MCO decomposes on heating according to 3 M C OsMOsCOg 32 If 1500 g of MCO is fully decomposed to yield 0717 g of MOs what is the 3identity of element MA Mg B SrC CaD BaE Be 3 Which one of the following sets of four quantum numbers could represent the 2highest energy electron in groundstate Mnn l m m lsA 3 2 2B 4 0 0C 4 1 1D 3 1 1E 4 0 1 Chemistry1100AFinalExamDecember112011Code000Page2of164 Consider beryllium and boron How many of the following statements isare true The removal of an electron from Be requires more energy than the removal of an electron from BBe has a smaller radius than does BThe addition of an electron to Be releases more energy than the addition of an electron to Band Be are isoelectronicB A 0B 4C 3 D 1 E 2 25 Which one of AE is the best Lewis structure for CHPO 33 A BC D E 6 Which one of AE contains a bond with the highest bond order A HCNB NH 3C NH 242 D NH26E NF 24
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