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Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

Chemistry 1100A Test2November 12 2011Code 000Page 11 A natural sample of element X contains two isotopes the masses of which are 6895 amu and 7095 amu The average atomic mass of this element is 6975 amuWhat is the percentage abundance of each of the two isotopes The lighter isotope is listed firstA 60 40 B 52 48 C 30 70 D 56 44 E 70 30 2 The molecule shown is acetylsalicylic acid For a 100 g sample of acetylsalicylic acid which one of the following statements is correct 23602 x 10NAA The sample contains 355 oxygen by massB The sample contains 21 moles of atoms 23 C The sample contains 334 x 10 atomsD The sample contains 333 moles ofhydrogen atoms E The sample contains more oxygen than carbon by mass3 For the reaction A2 B3 C2 D200 moles of A are reacted with 300 moles of B and 500 moles of C After the reaction goes to completion which one of the following statements is correct A Onehalf of a mole of C remains unreacted B One mole of A remains unreactedC No A remains unreacted D Twothirds of a mole of B has reacted E Onethird of a mole of C remains unreactedChemistry 1100A Test2November 12 2011Code 000Page 2was precipitated completely as 4 All of the chloride in an aqueous solution of CaCl2AgCl If 0715 g of AgCl is obtained from 250 mL of aqueous CaCl what was 2the molarity of the CaCl solution 2 A 0100 B 00250C 00500D 0200E 0400 with 5 What is the pH of a solution prepared by mixing 100 mL of 0250 M HNO3150 mL of 0100 M BaOH 2A1230B1170C170D200E700
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