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Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

Answers to the Chem 1100a Final Exam There are four different versions codes of the final exam The four versions have the same questions and answers but the answers are scrambled in a different orderIn the exam that follows which is the unscrambled version all of the answers are A You therefore need to look at the actual answers themselves as opposed to just the lettersImportant notesNo enquiries regarding the final exam will be accepted until after the Special Exam has been written on January 12All Chem 1100a course grades were calculated as per the criteria described in the course outline If you had received a course grade of 40 it is likely because you did not pass the practical or theoretical component of the courseThe grade that will appear on studentuwoca is your course grade for Chem 1100a This means that it is the grade for the entire courseIf you did not obtain a course grade of 50 or higher you are not eligible to take Chem 1200b Special permission to take 1200b without a grade of 50 or higher in 1100a will not be grantedIf you are registered in Chem 1200 Lab 099 or need to register in Chem 1200b please keep watching the Registrars timetablehttpsstudentservicesuwocasecuretimetablesmasterttttindexcfmNew lab spaces will be created between now and the end of web registration January 12 If you still cannot find a section by January 12 please see us at paper adddrop which starts on January 14 We guarantee that anyone who needs 1200b and has met the prerequisites will be able to enroll in it so please be patient and dont worryChemistry 1100a Final Exam December 2012Page 1 Before starting the exam be sure that you have bubbled in on your ScantronYour student numberSection code 000The exam code on the front cover of the exam 1 ManganeseIII fluoride MnF can be prepared by the reaction of manganeseII 3iodide with fluorine2 MnI13 F2 MnF4 IF 2235If the percent yield of MnF prepared by this reaction is always approximately 3 can be expected if 100 g of each reactant is 56 how many grams of MnF3used in an experimentA 203 B 363C 647D 560E 102
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