Civil and Environmental Engineering 3321A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Unified Soil Classification System, Pore Water Pressure, Stupid Shit

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All the shit that we"ve covered in this fucked up lame excuse for a motherfucking university course. Draw soil grain size distribution curves based on sieve and hydrometer analyses results. Describe the basic structure and engineering properties of three clay minerals: kaolinite, illite, and montmorillonite and the general physical and chemical properties of soilwater systems. Measure soil atterberg limits (pl, ll and pi) Classify soils based on the unified soil classification system (uscs) Determine the optimal water content and maximum dry density of a soil. Establish quality control criteria for field compaction works. Describe the concepts of steady-state groundwater seepage and pore water pressure. Understand the nature of seepage flow in soil. Define and apply darcy"s law to calculate the steady-state groundwater flow. Define and measure hydraulic conductivity of soil and know magnitudes of hydraulic conductivities of gravel, sand and clay soils. Understand critical hydraulic gradient and its engineering significance.

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