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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

The Illiad – Book 1 Summary  Achilles  greatest greek hero to fight in Trojan War  9 years after start of war  Achaeans sack trojen-allied town and capture Chryseis and Briseis  Agamemnon  takes chryseis as his prize  Achilles  takes briseius  Chyseis’ father (named Chryses)  priest of god Apollo begs Agamemnon to return daughter  Agamemnon refuses  asks Apollo for help  Apollo sends plague causing death of many  Achilles calls army to ask for cause of plague  Athena stops duel between Achilles and Agamemnon  Agamemnon says will return Chyseis for Breseis  Agamemnon ships Chryseis back  sends heralds to escort Breseis  Achilles prays to mother (sea nymph) Thetis to ask Zeus to punish Achaens  Chryses lift plague  after seeing daughter  Ever since quarrel with Agamemnon  Achilles refuse to battle  Greek endures heavy loss  near defeat  hubris  arrogant behavior that offends gods  Patroclus dresses in Achilles armors and enters war  Hector kills Patroclus  angers Achilles  rejoin battle for revenge  Achilles kills Hector  drags him around Patroclus’ grave 3 times The Odyssey  Island of Ithaca, Odysseus’ wife Penelope awaits his return from Trojan war  Many pursuers to remarry  tells them off  Telemachus  son  went to search for father  Odysseus although aided by Athena  many perils at sea – confrontation with giant Cyclops Polyphemus  escapes by getting him drunk then blinding him  Calypso imprisons Odysseus for 7 years Poseidon sends storm to wreck Odysseus’s ship while he was sailing home  Athena intervenes and saves Odysseus  Land of lotus eaters, battle with polyphemus and Cyclops, love affair with witch-goddess Circe, deadly sirens, journey to Hades to consult prophet Tierasias and fight with sea
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