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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

CLASSICS ROMAN READINGS BEFORE MIDTERM 3JANUARY 20 2014CHAPTER 1THE ORIGINS OF ROME 111Civilization built in 1200 years Werent great innovators learned from others then applied new knowledge Dedicated and ruthless in their pursuit of order and organization Roman era split into 3 periods1 Period of the Kings founding of city of Rome till 510 BC2 Imperial Rome 50927 BC when Augustus established legal precedents for absolute rule 3 Fall of Rome 476 AD onward Romulus Augustulus was deposed by Odoacer who ruled Italy brought an end to the west Roman Empire an Eastern empire carried on until 1453 when Constantinople was overthrown by Mehmed 2April 21 753 BC Rome was founded annual celebration festival of the Parilia in honour of godgoddess Pales god of sheepThe Founding Legends Romulus and AeneasrdLegend was in circulation by the beginning of the 3 century BCLocal king Numitor of Alba Longa was ejected by his younger brother Amulius Amulius murders Numitors sons and forces his daughter Silvia to become a vestal virgin preventing her from having children She caught the eye of the god Mars though who had his way with her while she slept She then gave birth to divine twins Romulus and Remus Amulius found out and sent the twins up the river Tiber in a basket that got caught in fig tree They were suckled by a shewolf until the royal shepherd found and rescued them The shepherd and his wife raised them until they told them about their lives The twins decide to start a city on where they washed upon shore Palatine Hill where Romulus began marking a boundary for his kingdom Remus jumped over the line in fun but Romulus lost his temper and killed him His new settlement needed women so they abducted at sword point 600 Sabine women The Site Of RomeImagine the summit of Palatine Hill covered with small thatched huts made of wood and clay and a flat open meeting space the beginning of the Roman forumThe sea only a few miles down stream good for tradeAll roads lead to RomeEtruscan InfluenceEtruria was directly North across the Tiber river mostly urban city wealth came from trade and sea power extraordinary decoration and artistic display worship of gloomy godsTheir political philosophy had origins from the Greeks while developing own lines distinct to Italy Sometime 650600 BC the Etruscans crossed the Tiber and occupied Latium All six hills forms a united community from this point onUnder The KingsRoman talent for empire building emerged during this periodSurvive by aggression and by dominating local scene
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