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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
Kelly Olson

C HARIOT -RACING Readings: covered in ‘Gladiators’lecture. Circus Maximus • Largest in Rome • Very old: 45,000 sq. meters • 12x larger than the arena of the Coliseum • 150,000 spectators in the cavea • Before the construction of amphitheaters, circuses were the sites of some ‘arena events’ • Straight narrow side: 12 starting boxes • Long length of the arena was divided by the spina (barrier) • Spina richly ornamented with statues and fountain • Sometimes spina itself filled with water • Teams raced around this Metae • ‘Turning posts’ • Stood at either end of the spina • Semi-circular platforms with three pillars topped with an egg Counting devices • On spina • Platforms with 7 eggs and 7 dolphin shapes • Signals number of laps driven Chariot • Quadriga • 4 horses harnessed side-by-side • 25-50 kg • Lighter the chariot the faster the horses pull it • Charioteers: small light men • Total weight: 100-150 kg TheAuriga • Charioteer • Protective clothing: tunic, leather helmet • Leather straps around torso • Leather leg-wrappings • Short knife on torso too: why ? – to cut himself loose cut the reigns that are tied around his waist. • Charioteers wrapped reins around their waists and tied them. • Steered chariot by shifting their weight Racing-Clubs • Factio (pl. Factiones) • Blues, greens, reds, whites. • 4, 8, or 12 teams • Charioteers: usually slaves or freedmen • Could win wealth of fame • But loyalty of public was to factions not individuals • Most charioteers committed themselves to one faction. The Chari
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