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September 12 2011The MinoansChronologyGreece 3000146 BCERome 753 BCE476 CEBRONZE AGEWhy 3500 CE smelting was discoveredmelting metal in furnace to get rid of impuritiesAdding tin makes it strongerBronze tincopperUsed for weaponsBronze in agriculture put a bronze edge on a plow and till more fieldsMore food more children more settlementsIt took people a long time to realize usefulnessBronze items in 3500 BCE are trinkets or potsBronze present longtime before becoming a real factor2500BE we find lead silver and goldThe wealthy started to demand these metals and possession became sign of rank and statusIncreased economy increased wealth and authority of leadersCRETEAn island 75km from the southern tip of GreeceThe Minoan empire Capital city Knossos largest city unwalledSir Arthur Evans named it after its mythical leader King MinosWhy study Powerful kingdom when many of the Greek cities were developing own identity and ideas K
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