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CLASSICS NOTES Midterm 2.docx

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

CLASSICSMIDTERM2GREEK SEXUALITYHomosexualheterosexualThe Greeks did not attach prejudices to sexual orientation being homosexual does not tell you much about a personNo term for heterosexualityhomosexuality just Penetrator penetrated men who were willing to undertake the role of the penetrated were looked down upon to be penetrated was the womans role or a slave roleApotropaism to ward off bad luck ie symbols like the penis and the fistHerm image of Hermeshead block and a penis Symbol of protection Sexual scenes found on symposium drinking vesselsHeterosexual scenes Distinction between porne prostitute male or female and hetaira mistress and gyne married woman with children if she has clothes oncitizen if she is nakedhetairaor gyne courtship scenes are the majority of heterosexual imagesMissionary position rarest womans legs over the mans shoulders married women did not tolerate sexual positions like this oneEquestrian position most common wellrepresented woman on topLioness position most dominant upright and aggressive position in terms of penetratorpenetrated most common in literary sourcesAbuse of prostitutes young man depicted hitting prostitute with a slipperunacceptable to hit a freecitizen woman procreation is more dignified no empathy for the sexual object Solitary scenes women usinggrowing dildosLesbianism not very much evidence homosocialty women holding hands sleeping in the same bed when their husbands were away this was more an indication of friendship than lesbianismMale homosexualityTa aphrodisia means erotic love no indication of whether it is between two men two women man and woman etc Greeks did not construct groups as we doLiterary Ideals erastes loverpursuer and eromenos object of loveis pursued structure adult male typically 30 40 years old pursues freecitizen boy between age of 1418 eromenos is not sexually aroused but respectsadmires the older man The eromenos is expected to hold firm while the older man woos himsame ideal was present in Western culture and still is to some degree in which the man pursues the womanonce you grow a beard you get married become an adult and seek to woo young men to want to be the eromenos was disgraceful no sexual relationships between grown menHomoeroticism in artPersians disapproved of homosexualityIn Athens homosexual love was honourablePalausias dialogueevidence that homosexuality was accepted in most parts of Greece particularly Athens THE DELIAN LEAGUEOrganized by Aristides it further extended Athens naval influence after the Persian WarsInvolved the many Greek states in the area contributing ships and financial dues overseen by AthensTreasury of the league was moved from Delos to Athens in 454 ultimately enhancing the Athenian empire The Peloponnesian league has a similar idea but it is overseen by Sparta and their Spartan army which dominated in power on land A 30 year peace treaty was signed in 446 between SpartaAthensCLASSICAL GREEK ART AND ARCITECTUREA define transformation from archaic ageBegins with Persian Wars Most of evidence of Ancient Greek culture ie art law democracy comes from Athens Even artists from other poleis came to Athens to practice their craft no concept of plagiarismStatues always face frontThese statues are the high point of greek artAthens was dominant source of evidence of this type of art when Athens was burneddamaged for a period of time we find no evidence from this timeDelphi CharioteerDelphi was the centre for the god Apollo in bronze very unusual with copper inlay almost all of the things well be looking at are marble copies of bronze statues when barbarians looted they took bronze and left marble511 statutes that were on a ship that sank Votive offeringsomeone was making a vow to ApolloStiff standing statuesEg Of a bronze chariot racer who was clothed because they werent nude due to flying rocksoyou will see many versions of this statue at several different museums as it was replicated Riace WarriorsOf the coast of Italy another shipwreckBronze statues that show a luxurious guy cool wavy hair big shoulders found in Riace Italynude statues bearded grown men in their 20s30shair is no longer beadedhuman anatomy very well represented probably worked from human models not other statuesDiscobolos2d statute of discus thrower copies of the original but confident that it was accuratestill havnt gotten to the point where they feel comfortable extending the arm outBodies twisteddynamic huge innovationEntirely accurate besides the headThe Doryphoro611 statue
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