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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
Kendall Sharp

The Odyssey of Homer Analysis Chart: Book Plot 1 Begins 10 years after the Trojan war Odysseus is trapped with Calypso who loves him Telemachus is helpless to stop suitors of Penelope Athena speaks with Telemachus in the form of Odysseus’s old friend Mentes Telemachus warns off the suitors while some are defiant 2 At the assembly it is noted that Telemachus is stepping into his fathers shoes. Telemachus gives a speech about the loss of his father and his fathers home (to suitors, sons of Ithaca’s elders) Antonius blames Penelope for leading them all on, he declares if she cant make a decision, he will choose Telemachus calls upon the gods to punish the suitors and eagles locked in combat overhead. (Symbol of Odysseus’s return) Athena visits Telemachus again, but disguised as another old friend, mentor. She encourages his journey to Pylos and Sparta Athena as Telemachus collects men for his crew, and he leaves saying he has god at his side 1-2  Coming of age: Telemachus growing up in a house usurped by Analysis suitors. He has to become the master of his house by embarking on a metaphorical journey into manhood to preserve his fathers estate.  Starts out in the middle of things (media res) –infusing the foreground with a sense of urgency 3 At Pylos, Telemachus and Mentor (Athena) see a a sacrifice to Poseidon. After Athena’s encouragement, Telemachus speaks with Nestor about his father, and he recount the falling out of Agamemnon and Menelaus. Nestor went with Menelaus and Odysseus went with Agamemnon. He found out that Agamemnon was killed by a lover of his wive, after his return. Orestes returned and killed Agisthus and Clytemnestra to protect Agamemnons kingdom. Nestor sends his son with Telemachus to Sparta. (Pisistratus) Athena sheds Mentors form and turns into an eagle to protect Telemachus’ ship and crew. 4 Sparta’s King and Queen, Menelaus and Helen who were celebrating the separate marriages of the son and daughter greeted Pisistratus and Telemachus. The King and Queen told of Odysseus’s cunning tactics at troy (Trojan horse, Imitating a beggar) Menelaus tells of his own return, stranded in Egypt forced to capture Proteus (the divine old sea man) who told him how to return to sparta and the fates of Agamemnon and Ajax. He told Telemachus that Odysseus has being held by Calypso on her island. Telemachus and Pisistratus returned to Pylos to set sail for Ithica The suitors learn of Telemachus’s voyage and plane to ambush him. Athena reassures Penelope that she will protect him 3-4  Voyage/Odyssey: As Telemachus ventures on his own journey, the Analysis tales of other characters recounted on their own previous post Trojan War
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