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Aeschylus OresteiaCity Dionysia Athens 458 BCYoung and evolving democracyThis is when they were first enactedYoung evolving Athenian democracy many institutions still being formed New reforms still being introducedConnected tragic trilogyAgamemnonLibation BearersEumenidesTransformation of JusticeFrom cycle of violent revengeseen throughout course IE IliadOdysseyoProblem is that it never stops there is always another payment to be madeTo trial with jury of peersoFirst institution of homicide courtsomething of progressHow does the transformation involveoDivine rolesCertain gods on old side furies and the new side Zeus Athena and ApollooGenderFeminine figures calling for revenge masculine calling for jury justice oTimestndGods are differentiated based on their ages IE 12 generation gods vs stthe younger 1 generation OlympiansoLightLight vs darkoOikos vs polisOikoshousehold vs poliscitypolitical publicAt the same time shift from aristocratic role towards a more democratic rule and focus on communityoNo longer the households determining things but members of the householdsAeschylus AgamemnonOikos vs Polis The household vs the military expedition to TroyGender conflictPublic vs privateSacrifice of IphigeneiaNo mention of this story in Greek epicthe Iliad or Odyssey Interesting whether intentionally omitted or just not knownGreeks mustered at Aulis under AgamemnonArtemis is angry at Agamemnon for killing deerStorm winds prevents the fleet from setting sailEagles and the hare portentread by the priestPriest of Apollo ChalchasThe only thing that would bring about the winds was the sacrifice
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